The Question:
from Miss Fairview The Stylistics

Hi Miss Tate. A friend of mine on FB, who knows I'm a big soul music fan, saw your Stylistics gallery and send me the link. I recognized Van Fields and Dr. Salaam Love right away (I love the Delfonics too!) and was amazed with the gallery because I never saw this particuler group play together. From your pics though, I can tell that they were awesome and I bet they sounded great! I live in Connecticut but if I knew they were playing in Philly I would of driven down to see them. Are you their photographer? If you are, they sure picked the perfect one! Your pictures make me feel like I'm there even tho I wasn't. Then I went back and played the slideshow while I was listening to Betcha By Golly Wow, and then I REALLY felt like I was there! Your really good!! I had to leave this note even tho I hardly ever do it. :) 

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