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from  You are so skilled! Such a talented and lovely lad

You have an outstanding website with GORGEOUS works of art, my friend! I love you! Previous Response:
on October 05, 2010
 Thank you so much, my dear friend! And back atcha! Let's talk again sooooooon!!!!!!! xoxo Previous Response:
on March 12, 2012
 Thomas,Thanks for commenting.I kooled at the prluv home page main call to action button Join For Free Here's my feedback.Whenever you offer an incentive you have to be careful not to sell the incentive in-spite of the offer.The (free Fiverr Gig) incentive is very clear, however, it's at the expense of the reason for joining. The value proposition for joining is missing. The Ready for results? question before the incentive implies results, but it leaves me wondering what types of results? This needs to be answered up front where you have the large rotating splash images. They look good but unfortunately are not telling me anything, they are not giving me a compelling reason to read beyond that. If you deal with the value proposition in that space this would allow you bolster the Call to action button Join For Free with the benefit of joining. Virtually switching the Free call out with the results text. So the CTA button could be stronger if it were Get Results and if Joining FREE is an important differentiator then you can put it before the Fiverr incentive line. But don't forget to work on your value proposition. Let me know if I can help with that. 

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