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from Debbie M. Thank you

My boyfriend is serving overseas now and I wanted to say thank you for what you wrote about them. I miss him so bad. Your pics are beautiful! This is a great web site and youre blog is funny too! I put one of your sunsets as my desktop pic on my work computer and your cala lily (the color one) on my laptop at home. I just love looking them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Previous Response:
on April 24, 2010
 Thank you so much, Debbie! And I'm honored that you liked two of them enough to stare at them at home and at work - you must be a glutton for punishment! ;)

I hope your boyfriend will be able to return home to you soon, and safely.

Karen Previous Response:
on March 12, 2012
 (Oooohhh soooo sfcfcfcfcfcdfdfdfdf, was die Ninta geschrieben hat , wir feruen uns auf euch beide! )Hi .Andiiii ..wir wfcnschen dir alles alles Gute zum Geburtstag!viel Spass, viel Glfcck und viel Erfolg in deinem weiteren Leben und in deiner Liebe mit Ninta und ..mf6ge alle deine Wfcnsche in Erffcllung gehen! bleib gesund und schf6ne Feier noch! BTW, wann ist die Essen-Einladung ffcr uns alle? hihihihiii LG Christian & Me 

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