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from Pat McGrath Mom and Baby Gorilla

I've been to zoos alot and NEVER saw gorillas look like that! And the people behind the glass who can't even see the gorillas's faces - priceless! Thats a great picture and congratulations on winning! Previous Response:
on November 08, 2009
 Thank you, Pat! It's all about patience. Waiting for the moment it clicks. Previous Response:
on March 12, 2012
 Blue Horseradish, It really dpdnees on the offer send me a link to the page you're thinking of either through the comments here or email and I'll give you a more exact answer. For now I'll try to answer it without knowing te value each form is offering. For any form, think of it in terms of the value for the person that has gone through the trouble of filling out your form. What will get get out of it? It's that value that you want to connect with the call to action button. So for a contact form the value might be that a prospect knows how much it's going to cost him or her. In that case a good call to action button that would beat the socks off of submit would be Get Your Free Quote or Get a Quote Now In both of these examples we've leaned on the value of a quote and turned up the dial by adding words like FREE, Now and Your. 

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