The Question:
from Katie Rosenfeld Cool pics!

I dont usually put comments on websites but I had to this time. I never saw pictures like alot of yours. my pics are so boring. Maybe you could do a blog or articles for beginers like me? I look for stuff online but they get so technical. Your probably busy but I thought I would mention it anyway just in case. Have a great day! Previous Response:
from Karen Rosenblum
on October 02, 2009
 Thanks, Katie! And it's a great idea. In fact, I can't say the name yet, but I'm actually in the process of writing a fun, upbeat, easy-to-understand newspaper column about photography, geared toward beginners and people who want to take picture-taking to the next level. I'm writing it for a brand-new newspaper that will also have an online version. When the first issue goes to press (some time in October), I'll respond back with the link to the online version once I get the green light from my editor. The column will run in every issue, and it will be fun to read. So, good timing for your suggestion! :) 

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