The Question:
from Mike from California Black and white pictures

I love your black and whites so much that whenever I look at your site again I check to see if you have new ones, and I think that every time you add a new one, it's even better than the last. I don't know if you're taking classes, but if you are, you are definitely showing improvement. Do you use Photoshop or do you shoot them in black and white? Previous Response:
on March 31, 2009
 Thanks Mike! Not taking classes, but I wish I were. I have so much still to learn. Always will. I use PS (CS3) and various other applications and plugins. None of my images are shot in B&W, ever. They're converted in separate channels, sometimes with filters, sometimes not, and sometimes I use multiple processes. Depends on the final look I'm going for. Thanks again! :) 

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