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from Fannie McAlister Very nice pictures!!!!!

I found your website through Better Photo where I'm taking online classes, and I loved almost every single picture I saw, especially the sunrises, how you captured the mood and made me feel like I was there, even though I'm pretty sure I was sleeping at the time! Did you go to school for photography? If so, where. I'm in southeastern Pa., maybe not far from you, so I'd love to know if you went to a good school or whatever (I also love the soothing music on your slide shows too. Different songs for each category - cool!) Previous Response:
on January 10, 2009
 Thank you for saying such nice things, Fannie! If you felt like you were "there," then I guess I did something right! :)

No, I didn't go to photography school or take any photography courses in college (I hadn't discovered my passion for it back then). I've learned (and continue to learn) by shooting, observing others, reading, researching, and most of all, shooting! I have photographer friends who have mentored me, I belong to a camera club, I've taken workshops, attended seminars and conferences, and I devour books and magazines on all things photography, including the basics, advanced techniques, post-processing, creative processing, studying the greats and so much more. I like to buy books from well-regarded and experienced photographers, especially those who include field notes by their images, which is very helpful when trying to figure out "how did they do that?" But mostly, I get out there and photograph as much as I can, experimenting with different settings, lenses, tubes, converters, filters, lighting and combinations, and making images of the same subject from different angles, or even from only one foot in either direction, which can make all the difference in the world. I also try to "think outside the [camera] bag" if you'll forgive the phrase. :) All that said, there are many good schools in your area that offer day and evening photography and related classes. If you'd like help in finding some, feel free to email me via the Contact link.

Thanks again! 

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