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Question   You
Very nice web site, I liked the construction site images. Regards, Nikon Bob

- Bob Watts June 11, 2010

  Answer Thanks, Bob! I'm glad you "stopped by." Looking forward to seeing you next month.

- Karen Tate  June 14, 2010

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Question   Great stuff!
Just wanted to add my 2 cents and say you have a fantastic website. And by website I really mean fantastic pictures! Really really beautiful.

- Paul Nielsen May 10, 2010

  Answer Thanks so much, Paul! (I'm sorry for the delay in answering; I didn't notice your comment until now.)

- Karen Tate  June 14, 2010

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Question   Thank you
My boyfriend is serving overseas now and I wanted to say thank you for what you wrote about them. I miss him so bad. Your pics are beautiful! This is a great web site and youre blog is funny too! I put one of your sunsets as my desktop pic on my work computer and your cala lily (the color one) on my laptop at home. I just love looking them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Debbie M. April 24, 2010

  Answer Thank you so much, Debbie! And I'm honored that you liked two of them enough to stare at them at home and at work - you must be a glutton for punishment! ;)

I hope your boyfriend will be able to return home to you soon, and safely.


- Karen Tate  April 24, 2010

  Answer (Oooohhh soooo sfcfcfcfcfcdfdfdfdf, was die Ninta geschrieben hat , wir feruen uns auf euch beide! )Hi .Andiiii ..wir wfcnschen dir alles alles Gute zum Geburtstag!viel Spass, viel Glfcck und viel Erfolg in deinem weiteren Leben und in deiner Liebe mit Ninta und ..mf6ge alle deine Wfcnsche in Erffcllung gehen! bleib gesund und schf6ne Feier noch! BTW, wann ist die Essen-Einladung ffcr uns alle? hihihihiii LG Christian & Me

- Alix Alix  March 12, 2012

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Question   I love your column
Your photography column is the first page I go to when I get the Levittown Leader. you have made me take much better pictures already. Even my wife is impressed. Your a great writer and funny too! I hope you keep on writing!

- Bob T April 14, 2010

  Answer Bob, I'm so sorry I didn't notice your comment until now. Thank you so much! So, I have at least one reader! Smile. I'm glad you're learning from it, and it's my pleasure. If you have any questions you'd like answered, or help, please don't hesitate to contact me again.

- Karen Tate  April 24, 2010

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Question   I love your photography!
A Facebook friend told me about your web site (she raved about it, actually), and now I can see why. I really love your work and I bookmarked your site so I can check it a lot. I wish we lived close enough to your area to hire you and your team but we

- Brenda and Sam McGinnis April 14, 2010

  Answer Thanks, Brenda and Sam! I'm afraid I haven't updated my site in a while, but I'm working on it, so check back and hopefully you'll see more soon. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me the feedback - it always makes me feel great to hear it! :)


- Karen Tate  April 24, 2010

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Question   The Crossing
Your pictures of the re-enactment are great!!!!!!!!!! Even with the big crowds it looks like your the only one there with the actors, right in the action, and you made me feel like I was there too. I wish I lived near the place becase I'm a history buff. You should send them to someone involved with it becuase theyre that good!

- Cindy Stapler December 29, 2009

  Answer sorry for the typos. no coffee on board yet!

- Cindy Stapler  December 29, 2009

  Answer Thanks so much, Cindy! It was a fun day for all. Thanks for taking the time to leave me feedback. I really appreciate it. :)

- Karen T.  December 30, 2009

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Question   Photography
I really admire your work! Happy to see someone who also loves Bucks County!

- Christian Carollo December 01, 2009

  Answer Thank you, Christian! Yes, Bucks Co. is wonderful and beautiful, with so much to appreciate and enjoy. Thanks for visiting my site and for taking the time to leave me feedback. Very much appreciated! :)

- Karen T.  December 01, 2009

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Question   Mom and Baby Gorilla
I've been to zoos alot and NEVER saw gorillas look like that! And the people behind the glass who can't even see the gorillas's faces - priceless! Thats a great picture and congratulations on winning!

- Pat McGrath November 07, 2009

  Answer Thank you, Pat! It's all about patience. Waiting for the moment it clicks.

- Karen Tate  November 08, 2009

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- Serdadu Serdadu  March 12, 2012

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Question   Cool pics!
I dont usually put comments on websites but I had to this time. I never saw pictures like alot of yours. my pics are so boring. Maybe you could do a blog or articles for beginers like me? I look for stuff online but they get so technical. Your probably busy but I thought I would mention it anyway just in case. Have a great day!

- Katie Rosenfeld October 02, 2009

  Answer Thanks, Katie! And it's a great idea. In fact, I can't say the name yet, but I'm actually in the process of writing a fun, upbeat, easy-to-understand newspaper column about photography, geared toward beginners and people who want to take picture-taking to the next level. I'm writing it for a brand-new newspaper that will also have an online version. When the first issue goes to press (some time in October), I'll respond back with the link to the online version once I get the green light from my editor. The column will run in every issue, and it will be fun to read. So, good timing for your suggestion! :)

- Karen Rosenblum  October 02, 2009

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Question   Hi
I go to school with your son n he told me about ur web site and I had to say how much I loved looking at your pictures. and the slideshow music is pretty even tho I like rock better. I told my mom to look and she said she will. I heard her tell my dad she wants to find a good photographer for family pics so I hope she calls u.

- danny p. August 31, 2009

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Question   You're good!
I was googling bucks county photographers the other day and your website came up, and I really LOVED your photos! I may be in touch with you for my son's bar mitzvah next year and I hope you'll be available if I do call you. I cant wait to show my husband your pictures! Anyway I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your gallery and I hope to be in touch soon!

- Lisa Rickett August 01, 2009

  Answer Thank you, Lisa! It would be my pleasure to talk to you whenever you're ready. Meanwhile, thanks for the sweet comments and for visiting!


- Karen Rosenblum  August 03, 2009

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Question   Gorgeous!
I told you Id be back! I can't believe how many new pictures you posted since I last visited. I love the "Ortons" of that old house - color and black n white. And you added construction art - very cool! Makes me look at construction sites in a new way. Keep up the great work. I'm a fan.
Mike from Tulsa

- Mike Sherman July 20, 2009

  Answer Thank you very much, Mike from Tulsa! Feedback like this helps drive me to keep improving my skills and keep photographing! :)

- Karen Rosenblum  July 21, 2009

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Question   Your photos
I really love your style. Some of your perspectives are so unique. How did you ever capture that heron with its mouth open and looking like it's smiling? And your sunrises with those reflections. Makes me want to live wherever you took those pictures.

- Todd Goldberg June 16, 2009

  Answer Thank you very much!

- Karen Rosenblum  July 04, 2009

  Answer Oops, forgot to answer your question about the heron: Lots of patience, fast shutter speed, lots of frames per second, and luck! ;)

- Karen Rosenblum  July 04, 2009

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Question   Black and white pictures
I love your black and whites so much that whenever I look at your site again I check to see if you have new ones, and I think that every time you add a new one, it's even better than the last. I don't know if you're taking classes, but if you are, you are definitely showing improvement. Do you use Photoshop or do you shoot them in black and white?

- Mike from California March 24, 2009

  Answer Thanks Mike! Not taking classes, but I wish I were. I have so much still to learn. Always will. I use PS (CS3) and various other applications and plugins. None of my images are shot in B&W, ever. They're converted in separate channels, sometimes with filters, sometimes not, and sometimes I use multiple processes. Depends on the final look I'm going for. Thanks again! :)

- Karen L.  March 31, 2009

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Question   awesome pics
I really like the kind of photography you do, Karen. A fresh perspective on the same old-same old. Very nice photos to look at. I'll be back!

- Mike Sherman March 18, 2009

  Answer Thank you very much! I appreciate the feedback. :)

- Karen L.  March 31, 2009

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Question   Pretty!
Hi Karen. I was at the counter at your local camera shop while you were there recently, and I saw your web site when the person who worked there asked to see your HDR pictures, so I peeked, and then I went online later for another look. I really like your style. I like how you don't just "take a picture." You really do let us see the world through your eyes.

- Lisa J. March 05, 2009

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Question   Very nice pictures!!!!!
I found your website through Better Photo where I'm taking online classes, and I loved almost every single picture I saw, especially the sunrises, how you captured the mood and made me feel like I was there, even though I'm pretty sure I was sleeping at the time! Did you go to school for photography? If so, where. I'm in southeastern Pa., maybe not far from you, so I'd love to know if you went to a good school or whatever (I also love the soothing music on your slide shows too. Different songs for each category - cool!)

- Fannie McAlister January 08, 2009

  Answer Thank you for saying such nice things, Fannie! If you felt like you were "there," then I guess I did something right! :)

No, I didn't go to photography school or take any photography courses in college (I hadn't discovered my passion for it back then). I've learned (and continue to learn) by shooting, observing others, reading, researching, and most of all, shooting! I have photographer friends who have mentored me, I belong to a camera club, I've taken workshops, attended seminars and conferences, and I devour books and magazines on all things photography, including the basics, advanced techniques, post-processing, creative processing, studying the greats and so much more. I like to buy books from well-regarded and experienced photographers, especially those who include field notes by their images, which is very helpful when trying to figure out "how did they do that?" But mostly, I get out there and photograph as much as I can, experimenting with different settings, lenses, tubes, converters, filters, lighting and combinations, and making images of the same subject from different angles, or even from only one foot in either direction, which can make all the difference in the world. I also try to "think outside the [camera] bag" if you'll forgive the phrase. :) All that said, there are many good schools in your area that offer day and evening photography and related classes. If you'd like help in finding some, feel free to email me via the Contact link.

Thanks again!

- Karen Luscher  January 10, 2009

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Question   Digital or film?
Your images are beautiful. Do you shoot film or digital?

- Chris Higgins December 19, 2008

  Answer Thank you for your kind words. I now shoot in digital format only. Today's technology has brought the quality of digital capture to such great levels that digital shooters are able to make and print images that are indistinguishable from film.

- Karen Luscher  December 20, 2008

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